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My love of science and mathematics, combined with my background in music and the arts was the perfect combination to enable a successful career in software development. My software has primarily been concerned with new ways to create music and art, on the fun side, and on the practical side, pushing the limits of publishing. I have founded several successful companies including:

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Peter McClard
1955 Springfield Ave.
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@Point of Care, LLC

Senior Architect for Mobile Development 2016 - Present

I oversee continual evolution and improvement of over 50 state-of-the art medical apps for both patients and doctors, integrating IBM Watson and other cloud-based technologies and medical protocols such as FHIR. I also do a fair amount of design and icon development including the new identity logo and @sk trademerk for the company.

Techné Media, Inc.

Founder 2003 - Present

Techné Media is my catch-all company that remains and handles all business to do with my apps, Art Fountain and other things you are encouraged to explore at the website.

Prudent Publishing

Mobile Applications Lead Developer Feb 2014 - Nov 2015

My responsibilities included maintaining and greatly improving existing iOS Apps as well as bringing new products into the market. I created a full-featured e-Commerce and photo editor app called Cherishables for Prudent.

Quark Software, Inc.

Senior Director of Software Development Apr 2010 - Feb 2014

Quark bought our company, Gluon, and I was tasked to oversee the group responsible for maintaining and improving an extensive line of desktop publishing XTensions and plug-ins, Enterprise Web-to-Print Systems, including the one in use by FedEx and also an iOS app, DesignPad, invented at Gluon and named 2013 iOS App of the Year by Macworld.

Gluon, Inc.

CEO, Founder Jan 1997 - Apr 2010

Gluon created a line of highly rated and heavily used plug-ins to aid various difficult tasks in desktop publishing for users of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and QuarkXPress. Gluon later became a pioneer in Web-to-Print, creating the HyperPublishing System.

CaptureWorks, Inc.

CEO, Founder 2003 - Apr 2010

CaptureWorks created line of sophisticated automated business tracking software to help companies and individuals bill time and print-related work more accurately and with greater ease.

Freelance Graphic Artist, NYC

Operator 1988 - 1997

Working in the high pressure atmosphere of the world's top ad agencies and publishing houses, I learned a great deal about the real-world critical needs of electronic publishing which informed the businesses I later founded to help others around the world with automation and improved quality.

Hologramophone Research, Inc.

President, Founder 1986 - 1997

This was a company I founded to explore the exciting possibilites of computers in music and graphics. We released several popular and highly-rated products, one of which, Pixound, led to a sweeping patent.


I am highly proficient at most programming and software team management skills. I have a knack for knowing what to do next and how to take customer feedback and mix it with the right amount of innovation to improve any product or create new ones that are needed. I have excellent interpersonal skills and am a team player, able to remain focused on long-term projects.

  • C, C++, Objective C, UI, Swift
  • MySQL, SQL, Database, Architecture
  • PHP, Javascript, HTML 5, CSS
  • Agile, TFS, GIT
  • Creative Suite, QuarkXPress
  • Audio and Music Software
  • Composition and Guitar
  • Math, Geometry, Statistics


St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM

B.A. Philosophy, Minor in Mathematics 1983

St. John's is the 3rd oldest school in the United States and is consistently ranked by Forbes as the #1 most rigorous. Study is based on the Great Books and I am grateful to the College for giving me critical thinking skills, a great foundation to enjoy life and bring an open perspective to whatever I do.

University of Colorado

Undergraduate studies in Acoustic Engineering 1978

This was a great experience where I learned mainframe programming, engineering and acoustics which has aided me in my career and prepared me for the rigors of St. John's and my various software endeavors.

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